Here at Bloomingorgeous Planners we sell various style planners and each one is unique in its own way.  When choosing one of our planners it is important that you look at the design and layout to make sure it is correct for you. We name all our planners so we can tell them apart, this should also help you identify them if you decide to purchase them in the future.  The number or name can be seen in the title and is usually recorded on the back cover of the planners.




We have several different designs & layouts so reading the description of our planners is important.  Some of our planners may look similar but the design and layout can be different. It’s all about your personal preference and finding what works for you.




Well because we are all different and what works for one person, does not work for someone else.  We have sold planners since 2014 and we get asked for so many different designs and layouts and colours.  We design and hand make all our planners and the layouts we provide currently are the most popular. 



If you have purchased one of our planners previously, you will know we only use high quality paper which provides little or no print show through.  We refuse to compromise on paper quality so if you are comparing like for like products with other cheaper stationery providers, please remember that most other providers, print on lower quality paper which is very cheap to purchase but awful to write on.


We print all our own stationery items in house which is why we can print in full colour on high quality paper and it does not cost you the earth!   Don’t think because out planners are a lower price than others, it means less quality, in fact the opposite is very true.  We choose not to inflate prices and our customers are pleasantly surprised at the quality they revieve and believe our products are great value for money.